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What to Bring - Final Info

What to Bring – Final Info

OK, raise your hand if you're fired up for some Croatian Cruising! Yep, me too. I know some of you are already packing so let's get right to it.

We'll be sailing the Croatian Coast at the best time. May/June is when they have the more reliable wind. At 43 degrees North, it can get chilly and we could see rain (did someone say hot chocolate?). Expect the temperature to be in the 60's and 70's or therabouts.

"Croatia is one of the sunniest areas in Europe. Spring and autumn are very mild along the coast." Sunniest areas in Europe ain't saying much but there it is.

I reckon it will be a lot like our incredible StS's to Greece. I see myself in dress shorts a shirt and sweatshirt (fleece or light jacket). You'll want to have thin raingear (light foulies) for rain or for Med spray which may find it's way onboard while sailing. Sounds like the swimming will be chilly but I'll be bringing my boardshorts (trunks) just in case. Sweats or something cozy for around the boat. I'll have khakis and something with a collar for dinners ashore (Hawaiian shirts have collars!). Whatever women wear always seems to be fine. Your boat shoes, if you wear shoes, shouldn't be of the black deck marking type.

Also bring:
- A collapsible bag. The big hard case luggage is a no-no. There is nowhere on a boat to store stuff like that so if you bring it, you may end up sleeping with it.
-Sunblock, sun glasses, hat with chin strap that shades head and neck a plus.
-Bring your bathroom stuff. Sheets and one set of towels are provided.
-Money for meals ashore, food bought to bring aboard, trinkets, buying your favorite skipper a coldy! Today the exchange rate was $1US for 5.6 Kuna's. Kunas are best but Euros are often accepted too. I would imagine there will be ATMs at the airport and the Sunsail base boasts an exchange place.
-A Camera would be good. And hope that someone on your boat brings an MP3 player setup that jacks into the onboard 12v receptacle and transmits on the FM radio. Most boats have CD players onboard too.
-A passport. Don't take my word for it but it seems that you can enter Croatia with a passport that has been expired for 6 months. More info: If you don't have a passport, get one. I've seen a crewmember of mine get one in 24hours, though it was expensive.

Upon Arrival:
Our 5 Sunsail boats are located in the Kremik Marina. We board Saturday, May 16 at 1800 and spend the first night onboard at the base getting organized and getting to know our new crewmate/friends. We depart asap Sunday morning. If you are arriving into the Split airport it is a 40 minute cab ride to the base. They say it should be about 13 Euros (100 Kuna) per person. I might try to confirm a fare near to that with the driver, especially if there is no meter.

For those arriving Friday and have accommodations on Trogir we are throwing a dinner meet up at the Tragos Hotel. Transport to the base from Trogir Saturday morning is also provided. Accommodations are not. Information can be found on the blog, see below for the link.

What to Expect:
As those who have done a Share the Sail before know, we keep a pretty loose schedule. This helps us to make last minute changes in plans so we don't miss anything kewl. Be prepared to go with the flow.

The base will be doing basic food and condiment provisioning so expect to have some meals ashore. If you have a very particular palette you may find yourself doing some shopping now and then.

We always put a booze starter kit onboard- usually a case of the local. After that you're on your own though most of the time those drinking on each boat kick into a kitty for the occasional shore run.

We depart the boats the following Saturday at 9am. Which means the last nights anchorage will be nearby. You are on your own after that as I will heading out for some Eastern Europe exploration.

Attached is the information document from Sunsail on Croatia and the Base. You can get some basic information from the Croatia and Kremik pages on the Sunsail site directly.

If I think of anything else you'll be hearing from me again. I'll be heading out in a couple days to deliver a cruising boat from Trinidad to Savannah. My email access before our Croatia Adventure will be sporadic at best. For info you can also try Sunsail Vacation Planning – USA Toll Free: (800) 327-2276. Robin, who does our magazine layout, will be one of our skippers. She may be able to answer a question or two.

I arrive at SPU on Lufthansa flight 2482 at 1340 Fri May 15. I head right to Trogir to help with the evening meet up arrangements at the Hotel Tragos.

See you in Paradise.

Captain Woody

(OK, you can put your hand down)


Local information

Currency - Croatian Kuna - 6 to 1 US$ - Euros are widespread.
Language - Croatian
Time zone - GMT +1
Airport Code: SPU (split)
Taxi: approx. 13 euro pp - 40 min.

The marina has toilet and shower facilities, restaurant, bar, supermarket, chandlery, and money exchange. There are two sets of shower and toilet facilities – the main one is conveniently situated next to the Sunsail office.

Sunsail's Kremik info:

This is another good map of southern Croatia. Zagreb is further north.

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