Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Confirmation Email

Croatia Share the Sail
May 16 - 23, 2009

Bog (Croatian for hello),
I am writing to confirm your spot on our Share the Sail trip to Croatia.
We have received: $
Your balance is: $
We'll be hitting you up for the balance early March.

As mentioned I will be forwarding info to you as it comes in to me. We have not been to Croatia (the best kind of adventure) and so I've been researching as well as going back and forth with our charter rep. Not to worry, we have some experience with asking the right questions (Do the Croatians make rum? etc.).

Attached is a Word document with a bunch of local info.

On the advice of friends who have preceded us we are looking at a Friday meet up and overnight possibly in Trogir prior to our adventure (airfare is cheaper when flying in on Thu). I'm researching local hotels. I'll keep you informed.

Regarding the information below, we will be collecting your flight arrival information and submitting it to the base.

Direct transfers to/from the base can be easily arranged by the base. Transfers are paid for at the base upon arrival. For those arriving early or staying later to explore on their own, they have lots of transportation options, from renting a car, to the bus, to the train.

Here's the link for the Croatian Tourist Board:

If you haven't checked it out there is some info on our site:
The latest update included the type of boats we have.

Croatian dictionary:

If you have any questions at all please email me. Answer to the rum question:

Captain Woody

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