Thursday, January 1, 2009

Keep in Touch

Share the Sail Croatia people can comment below, make travel suggestions, or just introduce yourself to your fellow Croat Shailors. Click on 'comments'. (I couldn't find a way around the log in ;))

Also, you can add yourself as a follower at the upper left to be kept abreast of additions to the page. If you have sent us $ the info will come in the form of emails too.


  1. Testing, testing. Ya, this works. Post here!

  2. I'll be part of the Lats crew on your Share the Sail Croatia Adventure. I'll be heading to Croatia/Europe a couple weeks early or staying a couple weeks late. Any info you have on Euro Events not to be missed that time of year, let me know.


  3. Well we will be in Croatia in just under 7 weeks. Eileen and I are looking forward to the trip. Interesting highlight for the way home is we have to over night in Munich and it looks like we will be able to go to the Hoffbrau Haus for some of their famous brews.